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Recent Structural Steelwork Projects

  • Project: Toys R Us, Exeter
  • Client: Nationwide Structures
  • Description: Sales Warehouse with Curved Entrance
  • Weight: Approx 110 Tonnes
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  • Project: Orchard Park Medical Centre
  • Client: P & D Engineering
  • Description: Multi Storey Building with many unusual features
  • Weight: Approx 300 Tonnes
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  • Project: Winsford Lifestyle Centre
  • Client: Carnaby Steel Structures
  • Description: Leisure Centre
  • Weight: Approx 220 Tonnes
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  • Project: Lincoln Minster School
  • Client: P&D Engineering Services Ltd
  • Description: New Recital & Sports Halls
  • Weight: Approx 300 Tonnes
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  • Project: Bio-Diesel
  • Client: P&D Engineering
  • Description: Petro Chem. Plant
  • Weight: Approx 700 Tonnes
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  • Project: Charnwood Health Centre
  • Client: Shipley Structures
  • Description: Multi Storey Building with Central Rotunda
  • Weight: Approx 300 Tonnes
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  • Project: Image Data Group
  • Client: Carnaby Steel Structures
  • Description: Large Span Portal Warehouse
  • Weight: Approx 240 Tonnes
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